Choosing the Best Mole Trap: A Comparative Study


Choosing the best mole trap may seem a daunting task given the wide range of competing products. The internet is filled with sites who claim their mole trap is the best available. So, we put the four most popular mole traps to the test with an actual mole problem and found that only a few mole traps stand out as effective alternatives.


  • Mole Pro Trap

  • Ranking: Our #1 Choice!
  • Pros: Very effective trigger mechanism which can be used on moles of any size. Trigger is in the tunnel itself (not on top) which causes the mole to push it out of the way, leading to fewer false- and non-springs. Mole trap is safe to use, but powerful enough to humanely dispatch moles. Handles above ground clearly show when trap has sprung. Trap is well constructed and comes with a 5-year warranty, money-back guarantee, and very good instructional DVD on how to trap moles. The DVD is well worth the extra money.
  • Cons: Requires some excavation of the mole tunnel to use properly. Setting the trigger properly takes some practice.
  • Conclusion: The best all-around mole trap and comes with an excellent DVD. Novices will find this an easy trap to use, and safety is not a problem.
  • Website:


  • Victor Out O’ Sight Mole Trap

  • Ranking: Our #2 Choice
  • Pros: Very robust design and effective. Powerful jaws are very humane and moles are killed instantly.
  • Cons: Setting the trap is not for the faint of heart. May require you to step on the powerful jaws to open them sufficiently, and setting the trigger may take several tries – watch your fingers! Once set, the trigger rests on top which may allow mole to dig underneath the mole trap without being caught. Wide jaws are not as effective on smaller moles.
  • Conclusion: Delivers good results. Commonly used by professional trappers familiar with the operation. Novices may have difficulty using this powerful trap.
  • Website:


  • “Easy Set” Mole Eliminator

  • Ranking: Our #3 Choice
  • Pros: The name says it all – very easy to set. You simply step on the mole trap and it’s good to go. No excavation is required. Trap is well-constructed and jaws have sufficient power to be effective.
  • Cons: Limited to use on medium-depth tunnels (or shallower). Trigger rests on top of the tunnel which allows moles to dig underneath without being caught.
  • Conclusion: A very clever design with simplicity of use the overriding factor. Not as useful in deeper tunnels or on tunnels which are directly alongside house foundations or fences (which tend to be the best places to set).
  • Website:


  • Victor Plunger Style Mole Trap

  • Ranking: Our #4 Choice
  • Pros: Easy to set as no excavation of the mole tunnels is required. Traps are constructed well and made from galvanized steel.
  • Cons: Looks unsightly as the traps sit above ground. The sharp spears above ground should concern pet owners and families with children. Trap typically works only with shallow tunnels as plunger sends spears only a few inches into thick soil.
  • Conclusion: A decent mole trap if you only have surface tunnels, but safety is a concern.
  • Website:


Final Comments


The key differentiator for the mole traps we tested was the trigger mechanism. In our opinion, this is the most important component of the mole trap. All traps except the Mole Pro trap rely on a trigger which rests on top of the tunnel which works in many cases, but not in all. We found that some moles are more likely to simply dig underneath the trigger and not put enough upward pressure on the trigger to spring the mole trap.


The Mole Pro trap, on the other hand uses a ring which rests inside the mole tunnel which forces the mole to push it out of the way in order to pass through the tunnel. While this is a more effective means of triggering the trap, it requires the trapper to excavate the tunnel somewhat more carefully than with the other traps. This simple procedure is covered by the DVD which can be purchased with the mole traps, and is worth the added effort.

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