Ground Mole Elimination Steps


Moles are a constant and persistent menace. I am going to give you some basic information on the species and steps for ground mole elimination so that you can finally be free of your mole problem.


Basic Information on Moles


I am going to focus primarily on moles that inhabit North America as that is where my expertise is. The most common mole around this area is the Eastern Mole, or Scalopus Aquaticus. This creature is primarily solitary and spends most of its time underground. They do have eyes to distinguish from light and dark, but that is about it. They have strong front feet with elongated claws which enables them to dig though earth with ease. Unfortunately, it is this digging that can cause extensive damage to your lawn or landscaping.


Moles will construct a group of tunnels in the ground. The have temporary ones right below the ground surface for feeding and permanent ones a foot to a foot and half beneath the surface. The also construct a large chamber in the deeper runways for retreat and use during drought, heat, cold, and as a nest for their young.


Moles are amazing diggers and can tunnel out a foot per minute for the upper feeding tunnels and 12 feet per hour on the lower deeper tunnels. When they are digging the dirt passes under them forming a mound which the mole pushes up to the surface leaving a mole hill. Eventually these hills will build up taking up your entire lawn and causing a general mess. The only option at this point is for ground mole elimination as the mole will continue to create more and more mounds until you have no lawn left.


Best Practice For Ground Mole Elimination


There are some fairly simple steps for ground mole elimination. The first is to figure out where the mole is active. You can do this by simply pushing down all the mole hills and seeing where the new ones pop up the next day. After you have done this you now know where to begin your ground mole elimination project.


In order to complete your ground mole elimination project you will need to find a way to catch a mole. You can use poison or smoke bombs, but these two methods are dangerous and you may not be able to tell if the ground mole elimination worked.


I recommend using traps to tackle your ground mole elimination project. Traps are safe, reusable, and fairly cheap. The do not damage the environment and if placed properly are completely harmless to kids and pets. Traps are highly effective at ground mole elimination today and into the future as well. If a new mole moves in, simply reset the trap and you should be all set.


In addition to that traps are far easier to use than other methods as they usually are simple to set up and place. Just put the trap where the mole is and let it do its thing. I recommend the Mole Pro trap because it fits the criteria above and comes with an instructional DVD (not to mention a money-back guarantee).


As you can see moles are a fairly complicated creature and to catch a mole is more complicated than it would seem up front. If you take the time to do it the right way you should have no problems controlling and ending your ground mole problem. Hopefully this article has given you some insight in how to take care of your mole problem.

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Ground Mole Elimination

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