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When most people think about the threats to their yards, gardens and flowers, moles do not rank near the top of that list. Insects, weeds, squirrels or poor weather are some of the more common culprits, simply because they are seen. Rarely do homeowners question what could be happening beneath the ground’s surface.


However, moles cause extensive collateral damage to all types of vegetation year-round. Their tunnels destroy lawns, and their constant search for worms and grubs damage the root systems are many plants. For homeowners who desire a flawless lawn or a successful garden, controlling the mole population on their property is a serious matter, and there is no better way to do this than with the use of mole traps. Here is a great video which shows how to set a trap.


Interestingly enough, a mole infestation is usually only one or two moles. However, the damage two moles can do is considerable—usually a single mole will dig multiple tunnels, some for traveling and others for storage. What looks like a lot of mole activity is really just a lot of activity by a single mole.


Once the mole problem is put into perspective, the idea of using mole traps to stop mole activity makes a lot more sense. A single trap, by catching a single mole, can solve any homeowner’s problems, and whenever a new mole is sighted, simply re-using the trap will once again bring peace to the property.


Mole traps are very simple to use. Essentially, mole traps are buried in the ground in the vicinity of the mole tunnels. The traps are spring-loaded, and when the mole encounters the trap, it will attempt to move it out of the way, consequently triggering the jaws to close on the mole. Moles are killed quickly and efficiently, but also humanely with as little pain as possible. And once again, mole traps can be re-used—mole traps are very durable, and the same trap can be used to capture any new visitor.


Because of the nature of moles, mole traps are some of the most effective methods of mole control. Moles are unique creatures that spend much of their time underground, and there is no better place to trap and kill moles than right in their homes according to experts. And because of its years of experience and research, Mole Pro produces some of the best mole traps on the market. Each essential piece of the trap has been perfected, from the trigger mechanism to the handles.


Not only are Mole Pro traps some of the most effective traps to use, they are also some of the safest mole traps on the market. A lot of mole traps operate with a lot of power, with power comes danger, and for the average homeowner who is not highly trained in pest removal, operating some of these traps can pose a lot of risk.


Like mouse traps, mole traps must be set, and if the trigger is too sensitive, the user can inadvertently trap him or her self. But Mole Pro mole traps, through numerous tests and design experiments, embody the perfect balance of power and poise—the homeowner will escape unharmed, but the mole will not.

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Mole Traps

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